Making a Positive Impact in Rural Communities

corn-field-topThe corn refining industry plays an important part in strengthening the economy of rural America by supporting the local communities where they do business.

Community Development

Corn wet milling plants represent a significant capital investment and, as such, represent a stable entity in the communities where they are located. Community involvement benefits residents, and offers plant employees opportunities for personal development and a sense of pride from their contributions to society.

Many companies support community leadership development by sponsoring or organizing opportunities for citizens to connect, learn, and generate ideas for community improvement. Fostering future community leaders through sponsorship of youth employment opportunities is another way corn refiners support their neighborhoods.

Local residents can often enjoy outdoor activities such as biking a linear path, playing baseball on a groomed field or playing on a safe, clean playground due to support from the corn wet milling industry via project funds or employee volunteer efforts. Corn refiners also support development of active communities through sporting events and field days. Community cleanup and recycling programs are frequently supported through employee volunteers.

Support of the arts include efforts such as sponsoring exhibits at local museums, commissioning works of art for city beautification projects, and organizing programs to expand cultural experiences of students.

Charitable Donations

Numerous corn refining plants actively participate in raising funds for local charities. Their support takes several forms, including direct contributions and grants, matching gifts, and employee volunteers. Local organizations benefit from activities such as sponsored walks, food drives, and clothing donations. Charities that benefit from these efforts range from well-established organizations such as the United Way, Salvation Army, and Habitat for Humanity to local community organizations.


A strong educational system helps build vibrant communities. Corn refiners are avid supporters of educational initiatives for children and young adults.

Students benefit from employee volunteers who share their knowledge of agriculture, science, and other areas of expertise. Corn refiners sponsor special events and programs that help students learn about the farming industry and agricultural business. Educational support also comes from monetary donations that help fund field trips, purchase supplies and equipment, and fund teacher training.

Scholarships and award programs sponsored by corn refiners foster academic excellence and encourage students to pursue careers in engineering, computer programming, science, and business management.

Corn refiners support colleges and universities by supporting key research initiatives. Licensing technologies developed by universities is another way that corn refiners support higher education, which can be fiscally and academically rewarding.

The support and commitment of corn refiners to their neighbors extends beyond these illustrative examples. It is an industry that is committed to enriching local communities and its employees, and making invaluable contributions to American lives.