Providing Jobs and Other Important Contributions to the National Economy

tassle-sky-blueCorn refiners make a significant contribution to the health of our national economy and the local markets where refining plants are located.

The corn refining industry and its member companies provide well-paying jobs to over 65,000 employees across the country. In Illinois alone, nearly 11,000 individuals work in the industry. The national payroll for our specific sector is over $3.3 billion. Nearly 41,000 farmers benefit from the sale of their corn to corn wet millers, with nearly 11,000 producers supplying corn to the industry from Indiana alone.

Corn refiners also contribute to the economy through purchases of material inputs such as utilities, fuels, shipping materials, transportation and manufacturing equipment, processing chemicals/enzymes and other items necessary for plant operations. Nationwide, corn refiners spend more than $23 billion annually on these types of expenditures, which have further multiplier effects in our nation’s rural areas.

Another important economic contribution from the corn refining industry is property taxes. Corn refiners add nearly $8.8 billion annually to local economies through payment of property taxes, which in turn provides American citizens necessary public services.